Team Members

Yves Bonavero - Non-executive Director

  • Ex-CEO of E.D. & F. Man (now known as Man Group Plc)

Shawn Campbell - Investor Relations Manager

  • Primary point of contact for existing and prospective client enquiries
  • Initial contact person for queries regarding Doric and Doric Funds
  • Produces and updates client communication materials
  • Responsible for marketing at Doric, including event organisation

Fiona Choi - Risk Manager

  • Develops internal risk analytical tools and templates
  • Analyses, measures and monitors various internal and external risk metrics on a systematic basis
  • Produces daily risk reports and alerts, and presents regularly to the investment committee
  • Conducts monthly and quarterly return attribution analysis

Mark Lam – IT Manager

  • Responsible for coding and testing in-house applications and databases
  • Ongoing development and technical support for realtime portfolio, intranet and research databases
  • Updates Doric's website
  • Provides technical support for Doric’s IT infrastructure
  • Responsible for reviewing and testing the business contingency plan
  • Prepares documentation of macros and computer programs

Anita Li – Off. Mgr /Compliance

  • Provides day-to-day office administrative support
  • Provides secretarial support to the company’s directors and management

Ivy Man - Operations Manager

  • Provides back office support for account opening, communication with the prime broker and fund administrator for settlements, corporate actions, FX and stock loans
  • Ensures the accuracy of the internal Realtime Portfolio
  • Ensures the daily prime broker record and internal records correspond and are accurate
  • Verifies monthly official valuation reports prepared by the fund administrator
  • Liaises with auditors to prepare the Funds' financial statements

Michael Nock - Non-executive Director


Rajesh Ranganathan – Director

  • Visits companies in the Asian region to perform the ongoing monitoring of portfolio companies and assess the merits of potential investment opportunities
  • Assists with the ongoing monitoring of Doric’s portfolios to assess and optimally manage the risk/return profile
  • Ongoing development of Doric’s investment process, investment monitoring procedures, financial and valuation models and risk management procedures

Howard Wong - Managing Director

  • Performs due diligence, valuation analysis, risk assessment and investment thesis on companies across Asia
  • Conducts meetings with senior company executives, government officials, sell side and independent research analysts on company specific, government policy, and various macro issues
  • Manages the investment and research operations in the offices across Asia
  • Oversees the development of in-house investment models, risk analyzes models, portfolio management tools and other research projects
  • Monitors individual investment positions, country exposures, sector exposures, currency exposures and overall exposures